Super Strong Fitness follows a slow motion, super slow exercise protocol that was developed by Ken Hutchins, after a study on osteoporosis in elderly women. It is proven that moving at a super slow speed is safe and effective for building muscle and bone density. It is a low impact, high intensity exercise.


At Super Strong Fitness you exercise for 20 minutes on 6-8 machines repeating two 10 second intense movements that work your muscles to failure, and failure is your goal. You succeed when you cannot do it anymore because you have challenged and changed your muscles taking them to their limit. The best part, you cannot do it again for at least 48 hours. This allows your muscles to recover and rebuild themselves, for that they need time. The studio is kept under 65 degrees so you can walk in, work out, and go about your day, ready for a meeting or your next appointment without feeling like you need to shower or catch your breath. Strong muscles are strong medicine. We are focused on optimal health and being Super Strong, call us today for a consult with one of our personal trainers.